[X and Finnish Keyboard layou] Undesirable diacritics, how to disable?

By dummy@example.com (archibutor)

Problem description:
On Finnish keyboard, to produce the “~” character, one must keep AltGr down, then tap the ~ key, release AltGr and press space.
This is error-prone, as I often end up pressing space while AltGr is still held down.
On Xserver, this produces the unfortunate side-effect of adding a diacritic to the previous character (usually space on a command line).


$ ls ~ #desired
$ ls ̃ #undesired

Desired solution:
This is probably unicode character combining, but I have absolutely zero idea how to get rid of this.
I cannot disable Level3 modifier on my AltGr-key, because it’s essential to producing many other necessary characters.

Running GNOME on Xserver and the only keyboard setting I have touched is changing the layout to Finnish using GNOME keyboard settings.

Animation of the problem while typing `ls ~` in terminal emulator (producing diacritic multiple times for emphasis)
Output of `xmodmap -pke`
Output of `setxkbmap -print -verbose 10`

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