Wireless Help/Wacom/Is Ubuntu worth it for my particular case?

By edgarej

Before anyone gets upset, I would like to clarify that yes I do think that Ubuntu is worth it. I believe in the open source movement and I am in awe of Ubuntu’s community for having come up with a great product. However, I’m wondering if Ubuntu is worth it for me.

I am a poor artist who doesn’t have much money. Windows XP was the last OS I was able to purchase. Four years ago I decided to try Ubuntu because I was sick and tired of using pirated windows 7. My affair with Ubuntu didn’t last for very long because I could not get my USB wireless and hanvon graphic tablet to work it. So I went back to ugly windows 7.

Fast forwards to now and I’m really sick and tired of windows 7. So to Ubuntu I went again and lo and behold, I still couldn’t get my USB netgear wna3100 to work. Yes I know there are plenty of threads already about wna 3100. Somehow though, what worked for those people couldn’t work for me. The biggest problem being that in order to get the wireless to work, I have to be online, which I couldn’t. Everything in my house is wireless. I don’t even remember the last time I saw an ethernet cable.

Anyways, I’m tempted to just borrow money from the parental units to try and solve this wireless problem. So my question is, what wireless device should I buy that will work out of the box with Ubuntu without me having to go online to make it work? Should I even solve my wireless problem if I can’t get my new wacom graphic tablet to work with all of the features the tablet offers in windows? It would suck really bad if I do solve my wireless problem only to run into wacom troubleshooting hell.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and please don’t think I’m insulting Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a great product… I just don’t know if it’s a great product for me.

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