Why am I being logged out?

By Full Metal

I just got a fresh install + updates on Ubuntu 16.04 (I have also installed paper icons/themes/cursors, andtroid studio, atom, chromium, and nodejs.) I’m experiencing something weird that I haven’t encountered before – after closing the laptop / sleeping, and resuming / logging back in, I keep getting logged out ~1 minute after logging in. In case this is worded in a way that’s difficult to follow, here’s some psuedocode:

bool logout_;
void on_sleep() {
  logout_ = true;
void on_login() {
  if(logout_) {

If it matters, the laptop is the “New Razer Blade Stealth” – maybe there’s issues with drivers? I’m completely in the dark with this.

Source:: http://askubuntu.com/questions/870522/why-am-i-being-logged-out

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