Virtualbox Host key and Apple Magic Keyboard

By salvu

This is not a question but a mere suggestion :-). I teach in a technical school and this year was assigned to use our iMac lab to teach a basic Operating Systems subject. Many of my students think that working with a small window is a plague so they go and maximise the screen (before Vbox additions) etc. and worse of all, they use (the hated) scale mode.

If you happen to have a normal 108-key keyboard or one with two CTRL buttons, this is not really a problem, but if you happen to have Apple’s magic keyboard, then the best option is to change the host key to the right “option” key. Another option, if you happen to have a Windows host, is to use the on-screen keyboard. This save unnecessary “problems and issues” especially if students are under pressure.

As usual, Apple seem to have forgotten that sometimes the world is not only “according to Apple”. 🙂


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