run commands within loops and wait till running the next one

By user3311890

I am trying to run a bash script that has a function and inside each function there is a loop that runs three commands based on an array. here is a sample (makes more sense to see it)


declare -a POCKET=("release" "security" "updates")

echo "=======Xenial=======" >> /tmp/sync.log


for pocket in "${POCKET[@]}"
        sync $pocket $SERIES $DIST >> /tmp/sync.log


if <status_of_function> != 0 then
email me the errors from the log file 

So the script runs fine, but it fails at the second instance of the array because the first instance takes a lot of time (maybe a few hours). Can I run the second instance of the loop array until the first one finished? I know I could do a sleep but that doesnt help as I dont know when is going to finish.

Also, can I get the status of the function? and if it’s not 0 (there was an error) then to send me an email with the log file. I plan to have similar functions for each ubuntu release

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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