Open VM Tools do not work after recent update

By (Kresp)

I was away for two month. After updating , vmware tools on my guest arch system stopped working. Update to open-vm-tools was part of that upgrade window. Both auto-resize and clipboard used to work completely fine before that upgrage, and no config/settings changes were made by me, other than running this sudo pacman -Syu upgrade.
Now, VmWare player on Windows host does not detect vmware tools as being installed within guest Arch system. Auto-display resolution change on window resize stopped working, and clipboard sharing does not work either anymore.
I don’t have previous version cached. Reinstalling the package, reinstalling related packages, rebooting, restarting services do not help at all.
vmware-user-suid-wrapper exits with 0 code, reports nothing, but also does nothing meaninful anymore.
vmtoolsd and vmware-vmblock-fuse are both up and running, without error messages.

Any ideas how to unscrew it?

Auto-resize, of course, can be hacked around by manually using xrandr, but broken clipboard is unbearable. I’m using


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