Need help locating file path of SD Card

By undyinglight

enter image description here

I am completely new to Ubuntu, I installed 14.04 on my Chromebook using Crouton. My goal here is to get Dota 2 running on my Chromebook by installing it onto an SD Card. I have been roughly following this guide here on to do so

Mostly I just used that guide as a starting point, the guide seems to take you step by step through the process for Xubuntu, I opted to go for Ubuntu on Crouton.

I am stuck on step 6. I am in Steam trying to assign a new library folder to Steam. This is what I am currently looking at:

If I understand correctly I think that I am supposed to be seeing a file path that reads


At least that is what the directory is called when I open the files tab and hover over the SD Card if I am looking at everything and understanding what I am seeing correctly.


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