Need Help for Dell 720 on Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit

By Clueless Wonder

I am needing help installing my Dell 720 printer, It was running fine on 14 (on a 32 bit machine), but now that I have a 64 bit and updated to 16.04, I can’t get it to work again. I have done the following steps that I have read in various places:

  • Installed libstdc++5
  • Installed libstdc++5:i386
  • Installed lexmark.z600-0.4.deb

I am able to load the driver just fine, but when I try to do a Test Page, it says it printed fine, but Cups shows “Stopped – Filter Failed” and the printer doesn’t do anything.

I saw the post….highlight=z600 that describes doing these things as well as

  • libcupsimage2
  • libcupsimage2:i386

however, the poster only had one bean and I just had to do a reinstall after following someone’s directions that included installing something that resulted in deleting all my applications.:o Not what I was expecting at all.

Thanks for reading this post and I would be very interested in any suggestions anyone might have.


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