installung Zukitwo 3.20 on gnome 3.20

By GregorR

I have a question regarding the installation of a Gnome theme on my freshly installed Xenial Xerus. Gnome 3.20 is active, Gnome shell extension is installed, Gnome Tweak Tool is installed and the user extension theme enabled. The Zukitwo file (for 3.20) is also correctly moved to usr/share/themes as well as to ~/.themes (which I had to create myself). The GTT however still won’t let me choose the shell theme Zukitwo. Selecting a theme manually does not work, as no file in the entire folders can be opened by the GTT (all folders “empty”).

I searched the entire net for solutions, but couldn’t find one. I thought this might have been problem of access rights by the GTT, so I tried to create an entire root user which I unfortunately also failed. I followed this thread ( to get a root user, but couldn’t proceed at step Enable Login Screen.

Would be great to receive some help.


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