ImportError: No module named PIL

By Sudarshan Admuthe

this error shows while running opencv python code*

I am try to run opencv python code for face recognition but at run time it shows me error

# Import the required modules
import cv2, os
import numpy as np
**from PIL import Image**

# For face detection we will use the Haar Cascade provided by OpenCV.
cascadePath = "haarcascade_frontalface_default.xml"
faceCascade = cv2.CascadeClassifier(cascadePath)

# For face recognition we will the the LBPH Face Recognizer 
recognizer = cv2.createLBPHFaceRecognizer()

def get_images_and_labels(path):
    # Append all the absolute image paths in a list image_paths
    # We will not read the image with the .sad extension in the training set
    # Rather, we will use them to test our accuracy of the training
    image_paths = [os.path.join(path, f) for f in os.listdir(path) if not f.endswith('.sad')]
    # images will contains face images
    images = []
    # labels will contains the label that is assigned to the image
    labels = []
    for image_path in image_paths:
        # Read the image and convert to grayscale
        image_pil ='L')
        # Convert the image format into numpy array
        image = np.array(image_pil, 'uint8')
        # Get the label of the image
        nbr = int(os.path.split(image_path)[1].split(".")[0].replace("subject", ""))
        # Detect the face in the image
        faces = faceCascade.detectMultiScale(image)
        # If face is detected, append the face to images and the label to labels
        for (x, y, w, h) in faces:
            images.append(image[y: y + h, x: x + w])
            cv2.imshow("Adding faces to traning set...", image[y: y + h, x: x + w])
    # return the images list and labels list
    return images, labels

# Path to the Yale Dataset
path = './yalefaces'
# Call the get_images_and_labels function and get the face images and the 
# corresponding labels
images, labels = get_images_and_labels(path)

# Perform the tranining
recognizer.train(images, np.array(labels))

# Append the images with the extension .sad into image_paths
image_paths = [os.path.join(path, f) for f in os.listdir(path) if f.endswith('.sad')]
for image_path in image_paths:
    predict_image_pil ='L')
    predict_image = np.array(predict_image_pil, 'uint8')
    faces = faceCascade.detectMultiScale(predict_image)
    for (x, y, w, h) in faces:
        nbr_predicted, conf = recognizer.predict(predict_image[y: y + h, x: x + w])
        nbr_actual = int(os.path.split(image_path)[1].split(".")[0].replace("subject", ""))
        if nbr_actual == nbr_predicted:
            print "{} is Correctly Recognized with confidence {}".format(nbr_actual, conf)
            print "{} is Incorrect Recognized as {}".format(nbr_actual, nbr_predicted)
        cv2.imshow("Recognizing Face", predict_image[y: y + h, x: x + w])


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