How do i find or create nameservers to point my domain to?

By Boss Chase

I’m new to this and not entirely sure if i’m asking the right question here. I’m trying to get a webpage to show up online. It’s currently only visible on localhost.

I’ve just installed ubuntu 16.04, then apache2, php7, and myphpadmin. Then I opened port 80 on the server and on my router. Then i registered a free domain with freenom. At some point in that process I believe I pointed the domain to my router’s IP address. However i’m unable to find that in the settings now.

Anyways the website isn’t showing up and I think it’s because the nameservers are still set to NS01.FREENOM.COM and NS02.FREENOM.COM.

If that sounds like the likely issue what command do i use to find out what my nameserver is? or if I need to create them what’s a good ubuntu version for guides that still work with 16.04? It seems most of the tutorials i’ve found are for older versions.

Thanks for the help.


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