How do I create a bridge between two virtualbox VMs? CentOS and Ubuntu

By IllIllllIIIlIllIl

My main OS upon which virtualbox is installed is a *nix laptop. On virtualbox,I have two virtual machines, one is CentOS, the other is a Ubuntu box. I have created with brctl a bridge on CentOS called br0, I have added the interface enp0s3 to it (my ethernet interface), and CentOS is connected (in virtualbox) in bridged mode AND in internal mode (internal-network is the name of the network) with to my ethernet cable. Ubuntu is, anyway, connected ONLY in internal network (with internal-network as the name of the network). And it does not connect (i.e. no network connection at all, ping refuses to work).

I want the two virtual machines to be connected. Ubuntu should connect through the bridge on CentOS and eventually, I wish to create a proxy on CentOS to block a website on Ubuntu, hence the two vm must be connected. Here is the output of my brctl show on CentOS

  bridge name  bridge id  STP enabled   interfaces
    virbr0       8000--etc   yes          virbr0-nic
    br0          8000--etc   no           enp0s3

Any advices? Thanks.


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