Gigabyte Barebone Brix i76500U & OLED 4K

By Roosje


I bought the Gigabyte Barebone Brix i76500U to function as a replacement for my old HTPC, and now replaced my LG Lcd screen with an OLED55B6V. As long as the PC stays on Full HD, all works, when i switch to the Ultra HD resolution, i got a pretty damn nice picture, but the screen goes black as soon as i start any sound, Clementine and Youtube result in a screen blacking out. I need to pause the vid or sound and then switch to another HDMI port and back to get a normal picture again.
I installed the Intel driver pack for the HD graphics (by the repository), and searched for hints to fix this problem, but there seems to be no close match to it.
Am i alone in this problem?

I am starting to think a complete new install might be in order, but as 1080i(or p) works like a charm, i am not ready to pull that trigger yet. Any suggestions?
Do i need different sound drivers?

On suggestion of the store where i bought the TV, i also bought cat. 2 HDMI cables, no joy, problem persists, changed to port 3 and 4 (1.4 ports) no change, as such i am kinda on the end of my ropes.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions 🙁


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