Failed Memory test in Grub

By expatver

Asus z97 16gb ram dual boot Ubuntu 16 LTS and Windows10….. system fully updated. 3- 1TB spinning HD’s. NVidia graphics, yadayadayada……fairly typical.

Last week Ubuntu shutdown stopped on a memory message (I watch startup and shutdown, like things verbose) and I didnt pay much attention to it. Today I had a program error message in Windows 10 (Ninja Trader8-64) about a memory error. Tonight before booting into Ubuntu I ran the memory test in GRUB. First run I received a test 7 error message, memory address 5443 MB. 57 instances. Shut the machine down and swapped the sticks around thinking the error might move if in fact it was a hard error. Second run failed test 10 at 5572MB. 169 instances. I figured ( not understanding well how the memory test executes what it does even after a bit of reading) that the failure address would at least be at a different location which it was but not by much (I probably am not supplying enough information here I imagine). Machine is running fine with the exception of today’s error message plus the on shutdown message about the memory error earlier. I checked BIOS to see if there had been some sort of change in memory clock speed or timing (I dont over clock this one) and nothing had changed. . I imagine its time for some more memory, yes? Question is this….is it something more serious i.e. a motherboard problem given the address didnt move by much after swapping the stick location….of course if its dual channel memory (and I dont understand exactly how that works) it might not have moved that much even with the swap…

Any comments observations or suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

Regards and thanks


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