Configuring MAAS with vmware esxi nodes and virsh

By Jorge Rodriguez

I have configured a MAAS Server and my nodes are VMWare ESXi hosted virtual machines. I have installed libvirt-bin package on MAAS and I have tested the ESX connection from MAAS to my host:

$ virsh -c esx://root@ list --all

The command gives me tha list of virtual machines on ESXi host

Then I power up a new VM and is shown on MAAS as a new machine, but when I configure it with Virsh it indicates any of theses errors:

No rack controllers can access the BMC of node: OStackPR-CloudCtrl


Cannot login to virsh console

I configured Power Type in the following way:

Power type: Virsh (virtual systems)
Power address: esx://root@
Power ID: OStackPR-CloudCtrl (name of VM on ESXi host)
Power password: ******** (password for root on ESXi host)

What am I missing? It’s strange that virsh connection from console is working and not from MAAS GUI.

thank you in advance….



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