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PORTALHOT Development Diary #1

The first (and late!) devblog article for the PORTALHOT mod. Source::

MissD’s Mansion is still in development

MissD’s Mansion is still in progress, first part of information of what this Deus Ex mod will be about. Source::

@mentions now supported

@mentions are now available across Mod DB, Indie DB & Slide DB. Now you can @mention your friends who will receive an update informing them you’ve got something to show them! Source::

First Strike Revival Update

First Strike, Star Wars mod for Battlefield 2142 revived with a new leader. Source::

Introducing SWAT: Elite Force (v4)

An introduction to the most tactical SWAT 4 experience, and a hint of what’s in store. Source::

Designated Days: Early Days

The early days of the war. During Geonosis to Rathia. Before Order 66. Get in to discover the new amazing pics album from this serie! Source::

Skellige Update!

In this article we go over a few units for the people of Skellige. Source::

Things, they are a- Happenin’

What in the world am I up to, you may ask? I’m doing terrible things, of course! Source::

3 Year Anniversary

Estranged: Act I was released 3 years ago today on Steam! Source::

Guts and Glory: Physics Materials and more

The latest updates on Guts and Glory (v0.3.8) Materials with dynamic physics and giant balls of steel. Source::