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Finally… it’s done

By Jay Stockwell Phew! After months of work, it’s finally done. is over 16 years old and has 100,000′s of pages when you look at the forums, directory and all the content that has been posted over the years. As a result, it’s not easy to do a site evolution of any significance. There […]

How to back a winning horse (the four P’s)

By Jay Stockwell Today I’m going to show you a few things about how to back a winning horse. I mean that metaphorically, for your business of course. If you want to know how to back a winning horse, you’ll have to talk to my Grandfather. By winning horse, I’m referring to your market and […]

I’ve sold . . . to an old friend

By Jay Stockwell Associate Programs Newsletter #566 – March 12th, 2014. Here’s the big announcement I promised you last week. I’ve finally decided to retire. All my websites and newsletters have been bought by someone you might remember as part of the family a few years ago. He’s set up a brand new company […]


SigECig is a luxury brand of disposable e-cigarette products. We manufacture and offer stainless steel disposables, rechargeable starter kits, and flavorful cartridge refills. Affiliates earn 50% commission on sales. Source:

Online Sitebuilder Reseller

Start your website design business with our easy to use white label website builder. Build web and mobile websites, offer domain names. Offer user self signup, unlimited email accounts, and a wide array of features and additional services all at your prices. Affiliates earn 10% commission on sales. Source:


WOW Trk is been dedicated to providing a friendly and professional service to its Affiliates and Advertisers. Constantly advancing and moving with the times has allowed the company to grow, now working with over 4,000 Affiliates. Commissions vary depending on the programs promoted. Source:


e.m.papers offers PDF stationery templates for wedding invites, kids parties, baby showers, personal stationery, calendars and more that can be downloaded, text edited and printed at home. Affiliates earn 50% commission on sales. Source:

Thorn Equipment Finance

With a wide range of business finance solutions from finance lease, rental and fully maintained rental to commercial hire purchase and chattel mortgage, Thorn Equipment Finance offers our customers a full range of services Affiliates earn AU$15 per lead for every enquiry submitted to us. Source:


We believe in making a difference and are proud of the contribution Alcotox can make to the wellbeing of anyone who consumes alcohol. Do you have a web site with relevant traffic to Alcotox? We can help you to monetize your traffic and turn it into profit. Affiliates earn 15%-20% commission on sales. We pay […]


Furkot is an online trip planner. For multi-day trips, Furkot suggests overnight accommodations. Furkot offers widgets that let travel websites contribute to their visitors’ trip itineraries. In exchange Furkot shares revenue from reservations for those trips. Instead of cookies, Furkot uses places added to their trips by visitors of participating websites to track reservations for […]