Cannot access account and cannot find a similar situation

By Coupon Toucan

I am praying that someone can help me as I am at a complete loss here. I booted up my dual boot Windows Vista/Ubuntu 16.04 pc yesterday and was met with a lot of text on a screen and something about emergency mode.

I panicked and grabbed the thumb drive that I installed Ubuntu with and followed some directions I had read about repairing Ubuntu. I accepted the option to upgrade to 16.10. I used the same info upon installation as I had before.

Now, no username or password will grant me access to my Ubuntu.

I even reinstalled with a different username and THAT one cannot log in either after installation is complete.

I have researched this so much the last 13 hours and cannot find an answer. All suggestions involve using some kind of terminal commands but I simply cannot get to that pint because I cannot log in.

Please please help.


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